Update your MP RSS Feed & Start Blogging

There’s been a change in the Multiplaying blog. We’re stepping away from our old one and seeing how things go with a tumblr. It’s easy to use and may be a more natural fit for our casual group-blogging community style. The layout is a work in progress, so expect some visual changes in the next week or so if you visit our blog directly. If you had subscribed to our RSS feed before, you’ll need to update that to our new one: http://multiplaying-blog.tumblr.com/rss

Other than that everything stays the same. If you are a former blogger with Multiplaying, or would like to become one, let us know by emailing multiplaying@gmail.com and remember to provide the email address you would like associated as your tumblr-author. We’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

You can also submit a single article as a guest author via our submit option at any time. This is great for people who may want to try out blogging, or perhaps have a more specialized topic main blog and want to share their views on another style of gaming once in a while as a guest-author on Multiplaying.


If you have ever wanted to write a gaming blog, but perhaps don’t have the time to write regularly enough to maintain one, then Multiplaying is for you. As long as it’s about games, we’re interested in it. It could be anything from a personal account of something that happened in a game, a review (no scores please), or an open ended question about gaming philosophy. Multiplaying is a collaborative look at gaming so *anything goes.


* We do ask that you not post anything vulgar or filled with violent ePeen rhetoric. We reserve the right to deny and/or remove any submitted content.